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A History of the Mining Industry in Arizona

The history of Arizona is closely tied to the mining industry. There is evidence of mining activity throughout the state since the earliest inhabitants first made homes in the area. Today, Saguaro Conveyor Equipment, Inc. is proud to be a part of modern mining in Arizona.

Early Inhabitants and Spanish Explorers
The history of mining in Arizona begins as early as 1000 BC—anthropologists have found evidence of coal, turquoise, clay, cinnabar, and other mineral usage by early peoples. When the Spanish arrived in the region in the early 1500s, they was following rumors of fabled cities of gold. Although these cities were never found, the Spanish continued to search for gold via exploration and mining for at least 40 years. When the Spanish returned to Arizona in the late 1600s, they also resumed their mining operations. At the time, Native Americans such as the Apache and Tohono O’odham were mining minerals that included cinnabar, hematite, and turquoise.

American Arrival and Arizona’s Statehood
Americans arrived in Arizona in the mid-1800s; during this time, many old Spanish mines were rediscovered, particularly in the Tubac area. The name Arizona was derived from the prior Spanish name of Arizonac, which was the location of the successful silver mining camp, Planchas de Plata. American mining in Arizona began with the search for gold, but later turned to the production of silver and copper, both plentiful in the region. Today, Arizona remains one of the top copper-producing states in the union, accounting for as much as 60% of the total copper production in the United States.

Saguaro Conveyor Equipment, Inc. has been a part of the mining industry since 1983. We are committed to delivering top-quality conveyor equipment to improve the safety and efficacy of modern mining. You can find out more about our products or request a consultation on the web or by calling us toll-free at 1 (800) 687-7072.

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