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Minimum Run-Out Tolerance and Your Idler Rolls

Conveyor idlers or rollers play an integral part in the safety, function, and efficiency of your conveying equipment. The design and placement of your conveyor rollers has a significant impact on your conveyor and the amount of work it can perform over a given period of time, which in turn affects mine output and production. […]

Commonly Mined Commodities in Arizona

The state of Arizona contains diverse geology rich in valuable metals, minerals, and ore. As a result, the mining industry has played an important role in the state’s history, and Arizona continues to serve as a major contributor of copper, silver, gold, and more. As mining equipment and technology continue to evolve, several previously-inaccessible deposits […]

Tips for Proper Maintenance of Mining Equipment

The mining industry incorporates the use of technology and equipment on an everyday basis. Ensuring that equipment is properly maintained is essential for worker safety; well-maintained conveying systems, vehicles, and equipment also improve mine efficiency and productivity as well. Because of the unique design of mining equipment, workers should take special care during maintenance and […]

The Changing Landscape of Mining Health and Safety Issues

Worker health and safety have always been significant concerns in the mining industry. As mining equipment and techniques evolve and the focus of the industry changes, some issues have been resolved while new concerns appear. Understanding the current landscape of mining health and safety issues and how it can be expected to evolve with the […]

Mine Inspection and Safety Regulations in Arizona

Safety is of the utmost importance in any industrial workplace. Following stipulated safety regulations reduces accidents and injuries, while also ensuring miners and mining companies take charge of their actions and create a high-quality work environment. In the state of Arizona, mine safety is enforced by an Arizona State Mine Inspector, whose responsibilities include checking […]

How the Mining Industry Is Becoming More Sustainable

Sustainability means taking into account the needs of future generations, while also serving present interests. In the mining industry, the concepts of sustainability include reducing overall waste during mining operations and limiting the impact of mining efforts on the environment. Keep reading to find out more about how modern mining equipment and techniques have reduced […]

Conveyor Maintenance Advice

Conveyor equipment plays a significant role in the modern mining industry. Like all mining equipment, conveyors require regular inspections and care to continue functioning safely and efficiently. Taking proactive steps to properly maintain your conveyor system will improve worksite safety and productivity throughout the lifetime of your equipment. The Basics of Conveyor Maintenance Conveyors should […]

Understanding the Role of Troughing Idlers

Idlers are an integral part of any conveyor system. These components support the belt once it is loaded, allowing it to move material smoothly from one location to another. Troughing idlers are designed such that the loaded belt itself forms a trough, which both reduces the risk of material spillage and increases the ultimate load-bearing […]

The World’s Oldest Mines in Continuous Operation

Belly of the Beast

Humans have mined materials from the Earth since prehistory. Mines are used to extract both precious metals and gems for decoration and trade, as well as necessary materials such as oil, metal, clay, rock, and ore for building and manufacturing purposes. Although mining equipment, technology, and methods have changed, many of mankind’s earliest mines remain […]

The Importance of Proper Mine Safety, and How it’s Done

The mining industry presents unique challenges in the field of worker safety. Mine safety is achieved through the identification and minimization of hazards that include environmental and equipment-based factors. Today, miners rely on a combination of safety practices and equipment to improve caution, provide warning, and ensure protection from harm. The Importance of Mine Safety […]