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Commonly Mined Commodities in Arizona

The state of Arizona contains diverse geology rich in valuable metals, minerals, and ore. As a result, the mining industry has played an important role in the state’s history, and Arizona continues to serve as a major contributor of copper, silver, gold, and more. As mining equipment and technology continue to evolve, several previously-inaccessible deposits have become available for mining, allowing this industry to continue as a major player in Arizona’s current and future economy.


Copper is a versatile and endlessly-recyclable metal that is often used in electrical wiring, plumbing pipes, and cell phone and computer technology. Arizona currently produces approximately 64% of the nation’s copper, making it the state’s most valuable mineral commodity. Copper also comprises 75% of the state’s entire non-fuel mineral production. The extraction and refinement of copper accounts for more than 10,000 jobs throughout the state, with the history of copper mining in Arizona dating back to land claims as early as the 1880s. Arizona’s historic “Copper Corridor” is comprised of several former mining towns that today serve as historical landmarks and educational sites.


Silver is a valuable metal primarily used to create jewelry, home goods, and artwork; silver is also used in combination with zinc or cadmium to construct batteries. Most of the silver produced in Arizona today is a byproduct of copper mining and processing; the state ranks fifth in silver production in the nation. The famous Arizona town of Tombstone was founded near a large silver deposit responsible for producing over $10 million in mined goods; other towns famous for their silver mines include Superior, Globe, and Nogales.
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