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Minimum Run-Out Tolerance and Your Idler Rolls

Conveyor idlers or rollers play an integral part in the safety, function, and efficiency of your conveying equipment. The design and placement of your conveyor rollers has a significant impact on your conveyor and the amount of work it can perform over a given period of time, which in turn affects mine output and production. Understanding how Total Indicated Runout (TIR) tolerance affects your conveyor idlers is an important part of ensuring your mining equipment is designed to meet your exact performance needs and business goals.

Understanding Total Indicated Runout Tolerance

During operation, conveyor idlers rotate in place. As a result of this rotational movement, the idler itself undergoes forces that change its inherent shape, causing it to become curved or bowed. Total Indicated Runout, or TIR, is measured while the idler is running; during rotation, a dial is used to measure changes in the shape of the surface of the idler. The largest difference that occurs between any two points on the surface of the idler is the TIR value. To ensure safe and efficient function of conveying equipment, conveyor idlers must meet a specified minimum TIR tolerance value of 0.015” and the idler trough angle must remain stable to within one degree.

The Need for Strict Total Indicated Runout Tolerance Compliance

The behavior of your conveyor idlers impacts the overall performance of your conveying equipment. Idlers that display TIR outside of the minimum specified value can become misaligned, affecting the trough angle of the conveyor. A poorly-maintained trough angle will in turn detract from the overall performance of the conveyor, reducing its capacity or putting it at risk for failure and resulting in lower mine output and inefficient resource consumption.
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