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Tips for Proper Maintenance of Mining Equipment

The mining industry incorporates the use of technology and equipment on an everyday basis. Ensuring that equipment is properly maintained is essential for worker safety; well-maintained conveying systems, vehicles, and equipment also improve mine efficiency and productivity as well. Because of the unique design of mining equipment, workers should take special care during maintenance and repair of machinery.

Ensure Proper Lubrication

When machinery is not properly lubricated, it experiences heavier stress and is more prone to damage, which could cause a loss of productivity or a serious worker hazard. Mining equipment should be checked and lubricated regularly for the best performance and longevity; however, it’s also important that workers know how much lubrication is required, as too much or too little lubricant can cause additional problems.

Keep Equipment Clean

The mining process is often associated with the quick accumulation of mud, dirt, and grit. However, dirty equipment won’t function as effectively and has a much higher risk for breakdowns that can halt production. Equipment should be cleaned regularly and thoroughly using the proper products and techniques for each machine; whenever possible, machinery or essential components should be stored inside a protective structure or beneath a tarp.

Address Wear and Tear Immediately

Even minor wear and tear can grow worse quickly, especially when equipment is under heavy or constant use. All mining equipment should be checked regularly and wear and tear on parts addressed immediately. This will prolong the lifetime of the equipment and improve its overall performance to speed mining operations and raise worker safety levels.

Train Workers Properly

The key to effective maintenance of mining equipment and conveyors is employee training. Because mining machinery is so specialized, it takes the right knowledge to service equipment properly. Equipment should only be serviced by employees with proper training in both maintenance and safety.

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