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How the Mining Industry Is Becoming More Sustainable

Sustainability means taking into account the needs of future generations, while also serving present interests. In the mining industry, the concepts of sustainability include reducing overall waste during mining operations and limiting the impact of mining efforts on the environment. Keep reading to find out more about how modern mining equipment and techniques have reduced the effects of mining on both present and future conditions.

Reducing Materials and Energy Waste

There are several ways in which modern mining equipment and practices aim to reduce overall waste and manage generated waste more responsibly. Improving the efficiency of mining practices lowers the amount of excess material that is excavated in search of the desired goal. Today, technology allows miners to accurately map out the location of valuable deposits, rather than maintaining exploratory mining practices that remove unnecessary material from the ground. Waste is also associated with the consumption of fuel in mining vehicles and equipment; by increasing fuel efficiency and creating equipment capable of utilizing alternative fuel sources, the mining industry is also reducing energy waste as well.

Improved Worksite Design

Improving the design of mines and worksites has also improved sustainability in the mining industry. When deposits can be accurately located, mine design can follow in a similarly efficient way. This reduces the distance between material extraction and offloading, which in turn helps to decrease the distance required for conveyors and lowers the amount of overall work that must be done to generate results. When worksites are more efficient, less movement and effort is wasted and the overall worksite’s physical footprint is minimized, which reduces the impact of the mining industry on the area’s local environment.

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